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My name is Rita Rahimi and I'm a Digital Media Creator dedicated to achieving excellence in creativity through a fusion of film, art, and AI.


1. Creative Direction

• Film Direction and Comprehensive Crew Management
• Narrative Design and Storyboarding
• Art Direction for Video, Animation, and Diverse Visual Projects


2. Illustration

• Expertise in Character Design
• Crafting Striking Posters and Cover Art for Music, Film, and Literature
• Concept Art Development for Films, Animations, and Video Games
• Innovative AI Image Generation Techniques


3. Videography

• Proficiency in Shooting and Advanced Camera Work
• Skilled in Editing and Post-production
• After Effects Animation and Composition
• Precision Sound Recording and Mixing
• Creation of Engaging Audiovisual Content for Social Media and Podcasting


I offer a deep understanding of various aspects of filmmaking, which allows me to seamlessly guide every project towards excellence. From concept to creation, I'm passionately involved in every step, ensuring that creativity and artistry shine through.

To get a glimpse of this process, watch this behind-the-scenes video showcasing my active involvement in the intricate dance of pre-production.

Statement of Intent:

I aspire to be a pioneer in AI art, expanding the limits of creative expression in both traditional and digital mediums. My passion lies in creating captivating films, TV series, interactive narrative projects, and video games that not only entertain but also challenge the norms of storytelling and visual aesthetics.


Professional Development:

My experience in filmmaking, art direction, and AI image generation has been characterized by a relentless pursuit of knowledge and an unwavering commitment to self-improvement. Through countless hours of experimentation, exploration, and hands-on experience, I have honed my skills and developed a deep understanding of these disciplines. My dedication to mastering my craft is evident in my body of work.



• Persian (Native)
• English (Proficient)


Please, feel free to connect with me or send a message on any of the following platforms:

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